The Power of Constructive Criticism

The Power of Constructive Criticism

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Do you experience Criticism in your workplace, schools, church, or even in life?

This 8 On-Demand video series training was created by Dr. Sharon Johnson. Join your team, family, and friends and learn with Dr. Sharon Johnson, who has been n leadership for more than 26 years. She studied, researched and published a dissertation in Leadership Skills, Job Satisfaction and Motivation in the Workplace.

Constructive criticism can be a helpful when used with the intent of helping or improving a situation in the workplace. However, it can be one of the most challenging things, not only to receive, but also to give. It can often involve various emotions and feelings, which can make matters delicate.

Lean into these 8 On-Demand videos below by Dr. Sharon Johnson

1 Power of Constructive Criticism

2 When Should Feedback Occur

3 Breach of Company Rules

4 Informal Feedback

5 After the Occurrence

6 Planning and Preparing

7 Practice Your Tone

8 Create An Action Plan

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